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Sane International

New York, AS
Oct | 2019

Sane international is a brand aiming to influence and empower the union of artisans, designers & patrons from all over the world. From New York to Bali & everywhere in between.

Embellish’ (enable-enhance) life to create a more luxury experience. From something as simple as the sand on the beach to nature & the trees, Sane International aims to help the customers appreciate the simplicity of life all the while making it luxury.

I was inspired to choose soft colors — gray, beige, blush and copper to create a luxurious and natural style for the color harmony.

Simple and feminine typography to arrange text makes the copy clear and visually appealing to the customer which aims to elicit emotions and convey the luxury.

The word Sane itself derives from efforts to provide comfortable clothing, luxury quality, and peace of mind. Drawing the illustrations with Sane International, they want people to buy the clothes with no regret and feel that it serves the purpose of truly being a sanction of sanity over the body. Whatever stress, misfortune, or negative sorcery some may be facing is nonexistent once they are wearing Sane International.